Sunday, 15 February 2015

Yolk - Chicago

We spent a lovely snowy and frigid morning waiting in line to get into the Shedd Aquarium (Illinois Residents Weekends are insane):
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The marine animals were great though! I loved the Aquarium!

Then we went to the Art Institute of Chicago and saw some classics:

However, we actually started our day right by grabbing brunch super early at Yolk:
Good thing we got there early too because the line-ups were INSANE and the non-stop snow sucked.

We probably stared at the menus for a good 15 minutes trying to decide what we wanted because we wanted to try EVERYTHING!
West Coast Crepes with pancakes on the side $11.99
Avocado and mushrooms blended with scrambled eggs, melted jack and cheddar cheese and then folded into two sweet crepes with seasonal fruits
We weren't too sure how avocado in a crepe would go, but it turned out pretty well. The crepes were hearty and filling and had a nice thick chewy texture to them. We never imagined the pancakes side would basically be another meal in and of itself. Absolutely nuts! I love the gigantic portion sizes in America :D

Smoked Salmon Scrambler with side of Red Velvet French Toast $11.99
Cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes and smoked salmon with side of capers and red potatoes (3 eggs)
The smoked salmon scrambler was really good! It had the freshness of the tomatoes, tangy red onions and it was all scrambled with the egg and salmon and accentuated with the salty capers and yummy red potatoes on the side.

Red Velvet French Toast (extra $3 upgrade)
Thick slices of red velvet cake with swirls of cream cheese dipped in batter and grilled. Then topped with strawberries and whipped cream
Hands down, this was the most decadent and delicious part of brunch. The red velvet french toast was to die for! Delicious red velvet and rich creamy cream cheese icing with this perfectly battered and crispy outside from the french toast - WOW. And it's made even better with strawberries and real whipped cream and syrup on top. YUMMY!

Overall: Yolk is definitely one of the best brunch places I've been! The Red Velvet French Toast is just fantastic! The service was quick and despite the huge line ups, they never tried to push us along to finish faster. Quite frankly, I was surprised we managed to finish all our food since there was so much of it, but it was SOOOO GOOD we couldn't help ourselves. Great place!

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