Saturday, 31 October 2015


UPDATE: Kelsey's at 861 York Mills is permanently closed. 

October 30, 2015
Kelsey's was promoting their "Under $12" menu and some of the main courses looked really appetizing, so I went to try it out with my friend. 

Hand-breaded Chicken Parmesan
The pasta was decent, they gave me a huge breaded chicken breast smothered in sauce and it was pretty tasty. 

Peppercorn burger with two patties, pesto mayo, swiss cheese and onion rings.
The burger was REALLY GOOD. 
Juicy beef patty, fresh lettuce and tomato, buttered bun and oozy cheese - Yummy!

Messy Fish sandwich
I may have been a little overambitious ordering this, but I was still kinda hungry after splitting the burger and the pasta (and I admit I was a little greedy in that I wanted to try everything on the "Under $12" menu).  The fish sandwich was actually disappointing.  The fish was fried nicely, but there wasn't enough tartar sauce or whatever sauce they used and it just felt flat. 

October 31, 2015 
I came back again because I really liked their burger and I decided to get the pasta too to try it out. 
The Chicken and goat cheese pasta was kinda of blah - they gave me a lot of goat cheese. 
The broccoli soup with the burger was rather heavy and felt like it came out of a cream of broccoli soup can. 
The burger was still great - but it kind of lost it's novelty the second time around.

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