Saturday, 3 October 2015

Pardos Chicken - Lima

We had a pretty long lay-over in Lima before catching our flight back home to Toronto.  About 10 hours to be exact and originally, we were planning on leaving the airport area and checking out Lima.  However, we learned from friends who went to Lima earlier that it takes about 2 hours to leave the airport area because of the high volume of traffic (and lack of public transportation).  So it would take a lot longer than we originally thought to get to Lima's touristy areas.  We also heard that there were some rather sketchy areas in Lima and we would be doing most of our exploring at night, so we decided to forgo the excursion out of the airport and ended up hanging out and reminiscing in the Lima Airport food court.

When we got hungry, we got food:

1/2 BBQ Chicken with avocados, beets and fries
1/2 Chicken without the BBQ sauce.
Wow this was mostly white meat and actually really good! You could definitely tell they used free-range chickens because the meat was delicious and tender (there really is a difference outside of North America).  The sauces were also really good (especially the Aji sauce).

13 Nuevo Sols for a Mango Pineapple smoothie - ouch highway robbery - that's like $5 CAD. 

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