Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Don Mills VIP theatre

I heard so many good reviews about The Martian that I really wanted to see it in the theatres.  So I convinced my friends to see the Martian at the Don Mills VIP theatre because I also wanted to try the whole experience. 
Chipotle Chicken Club Wrap with chicken, greens, bacon and cheese with fries on the side. 
The food was kinda mediocre, but I guess it's more about the experience here? It was nice that they delivered the food to our seats before the movie started - but it took me like 15 minutes before someone actually paid attention to me to take my order. 

Tandoori flatbread with chicken, goat cheese, pepers and drizzled with honey
This dish sounded cooler than it actually was. It tasted okay and at least it wasn't like microwaved or anything, but it was rather pricey for a small theatre food portion. 

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