Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kathmandu Restaurant

My friend and I bought the $20 Groupon for the lunch buffet for two people at Kathmandu Restaurant.  It was a pretty reasonable deal for lunch and it would be our first experience with Nepalese food.

The restaurant was located in Yorkville and the buffet section was tucked inside the restaurant:

Clockwise from top left: Tandoori Chicken, saag paneer, butter chicken, goat curry, rice, vegetable curry
The butter chicken was awesome, but there wasn't as much Nepalese food offered at the buffet.

My round two with a lot more butter chicken and goat curry and also some eggplant dish
The food was good, but rather heavy.

We were so stuffed from the curries that we could barely eat dessert. Also, Indian desserts are known to be really sweet - so we only took a bit of each.  They were interesting and not as sweet as we thought, but probably not something I would eat frequently.

Overall: Even though we didn't get as much Nepalese food as we wanted, I thought they had decent Indian food. 

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