Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

Since Hot-Star Chicken opened up in November, I've been hearing a lot of rave reviews about it.  My friends and I decided to do a movie night at Yonge & Dundas and then grab their popular Fried Chicken after.
There were line-ups but it was mostly people waiting for their food to be prepared rather than line-ups to order.  
The food came in these sturdy take-away bags for the chicken.
This was the medium spicy chicken
There was a lot of powder/spice on this one - the hotter you ordered your chicken, the more spice rub you got on it.  I thought it was too much and it dried out the top of the chicken (and the inside of your mouth).
Medium chicken
Close up of the chicken and fries
The fries were deliciously crispy and not oily at all!
Original chicken
Salt and Pepper chicken
The chicken was huge, but I didn't find the meat particularly juicy - I liked the salt and pepper one better than the spiced ones. However, I still wasn't a big fan.  The chicken cutlets I had in the night markets of Taiwan were much better (and the most memorable was in Taichung)

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