Thursday, 10 December 2015

Jiichiro and Jucheim Baumkuchen from Tokyo

Dec 10, 2015
We actually got both of these baumkuchens from my mom's Japanese friend.  She made a trip back to Tokyo and picked these up at the Haneda airport.
This Jucheim baumkuchen was much better than the Hong Kong version.  However, it wasn't as good as the Nenrinya baumkuchen (despite being able to keep for longer). The cake was denser and not as flavourful and soft between layers (Nenrinya makes their baumkuchen without as many preservatives and the cakes don't last as long).

Also, we tried a new brand: Jiichiro

Looks pretty good!

It was okay, at least the cake was softer than the Jucheim cake.  The icing on the outside was a little thin and didn't really taste like anything (it's usually at least a little sweet).  Also, I'm not sure I'm a fan of this cloth-like packaging.

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