Friday, 15 January 2016

Morals Village

Chinese Hot Pot!
My coworker recommended Morals Village over Little Sheep - he said the food was fresher and the sauce bar was better.  After my previous experience with Little Sheep, I was all for trying Morals Village to forget my bad memories of Chinese hot pot.



You get a two hour limit at the tables and once you choose your soup base (of which there are MANY), you'll have enough time to run over to the sauce bar and play around with all their choices:
Hoisin sauce and scallions and regular soy sauce.

Then you can choose your veggies/meats, which they bring to your table in these dishes.


Hot pot time!

After hot pot, you get to have a refreshing ice cream dessert:

Overall: Food was really tasty at Morals Village; they had a wide variety of soup bases, and a lot of options for veggies and meat. It was much better than Little Sheep.

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