Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pan on the Danforth

We've been tempted to try the Summerlicious/Winterlicious at Pan on the Danforth for years, but the timing somehow never worked out - until now. The lunch menu looked great for $18. 

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Trilogy of Spreads: Taramosalata, Humus, Tirokafteri with pita
All the spreads were really good! and they gave us a ton of pita to dip it with. 

Kolokithokeftedes: zucchini croquettes with feta, kefalograviera cheese and herbs
The croquettes were great! So tasty and the mixed greens on top added a nice flavour as well. 

Pan Chicken Souvlaki
The chicken was tender and seasoned well, the tzatziki was a little too thick though which made it harder to dip the chicken into the sauce since it didn't stick. Also, I have to admit, I love the Jimmy the Greek potatoes and these ones didn't cut it for me.  

Kota Kai Aginares (Artichoke with chicken)
It was okay - the chicken souvlaki was better.

Pork Souvlaki Dinner
The pork was nicely seasoned, but it just wasn't as good as the tender juicy chicken (everything is relative).

Havlas - sweet made with semolina and raisins
This dessert was really soaked in syrup - very sweet.

Ravani: cake with honey syrup
In contrast to the havlas, this cake was really dry.

Overall: Decent 3-course Greek meal at Pan on the Danforth. It was nice to finally try it and the service was pretty good. 

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