Saturday, 6 February 2016

Concession Road

Update: The restaurant has closed 
I'm a big fan of trying out new restaurants through Winterlicious/Summerlicious since the first year is usually the year they really try to impress new customers (although, they may have some service hiccups along the way) and Concession Road was newc on the Winterlicious list this year. (Items I would order again)

We got some complementary bread with a tapenade 
I skipped the tapenade since I don't like olives. 

Butternut squash soup
Really sweet - it didn't have the right balance of savoury and sweet. 

The escargots were delicious! I loved the butter sauce and the mushrooms gave it a nice Asian flavour. 

Japanese Fried Chicken
For some reason, I didn't equate Japanese Fried Chicken with Kaarage and I think I was expecting something like Korean Fried Chicken with a lot of sauce. The kaarage was pretty good, but I found the mashed potatoes were a strange side dish with the kaarage. 
Steak and Frites
The steak was really gummy and chewy (it wasn't a good cut of meat) and the fries were too greasy.  The spicy mayo was okay, but overall this wasn't that great. 

Pecan Pie and Chocolate Mousse
The pecan pie had a nice flaky crust and it was pretty tasty without being too sweet.  The mousse was really weird - it was salty and didn't really taste like there was espresso in it. 

Overall: First time Winterlicious problems strike again - the service took really long after we got our appetizers, but the odd part was that two other tables that came later than us got their desserts and finished their meals before we got ours.  We were at the restaurant for an hour and 45 mins (mostly waiting for food) and the tables felt like they were way too close together (I was worried every time a waiter passed by). 

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