Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Momofuku Noodle Bar

After eating at Momofuku in NYC, I really wanted to try the Toronto version and see if their pork buns lived up to the delicious pork buns in New York. 
Momofuku Noodle Bar joined the Winterlicious restaurants and offered a $18 3-course lunch. 

Pork Bun
This pork bun was worse than the one I had in NYC: a lot more bun and not as much meat. It felt like it was missing something - it was really just pork belly marinated with a little sauce sandwiched in a mantou.

Chicken Bun
This was better than the pork bun, at least there was more sauce tying the bun all together. 

Chilled Noodles
The noodles were so salty that they were basically inedible after the first 10 bites.  We had to rinse the noodles and the pork in the Chicken ramen broth to dilute the flavour.  Awful - definitely don't get this. 

Chicken Ramen
This was pretty good - the big chicken breast was yummy and seasoned well.  

Maple Coconut Pecan Cookie
We didn't get a choice for the cookie and they just gave us something from the Milk Bar - it was okay for a vegan and dairy-free cookie. I wasn't really wow-ed by it.

Fried Bao with sauce
It was a hard fried bao with sugar on top sitting in a soy sauce dish with a condensed milk sauce with cinnamon. It was interesting? (not a fan of this either).

Overall: I guess I can say that I've tried Momofuku Noodle Bar and I probably won't go back again.

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