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Paradise Fine Chinese Dining

February 13, 2016

Lotus root soup (they separated the ingredients from the soup and served it to us)

Suckling Pig with Jellyfish
The suckling pig was super tasty and the skin was really crispy and crunchy (a sign of a nicely done suckling pig) and the jellyfish was pretty good too. 

Chinese greens with sauce
Beef with broccoli
The beef was succulent and tender and oh so tasty and I thought it was nicely presented. 

Soy sauce chicken

Overall: Great food and good service - it's a little on the pricey side, but well worth it. 

May 29, 2014
The place settings are so nice for dinner.

Peking Duck
The duck skin was crispy, but the wrap was home-made and a little doughy and powdery from the flour.

Stir fried duck meat with lettuce wrap
The lettuce wrap was better. The duck stir fry was really tasty and the lettuce was freshly washed (with extra water on the side). 

Shrimp and chicken stir fry and mushrooms and peas

Wine Sauce Chicken
A rather bony half of the chicken, but very flavourful.

Snake soup
Yum! I really liked this soup course between all the other dishes - it was a yummy and nice change. 

Bok choy

Pork neck and broccoli
Thin strips of pork neck meat. 

Sweet and juicy lobster

Dried scallop and egg white fried rice
Interesting...not a favourite of mine since it just seemed too salty. 

Longan red date dessert
Refreshing and healthy
Almond cookies and strawberry jello

Overall: Nice meal at Paradise Fine Chinese Dining. The Majong tables are a little distracting though. 
March 5, 2012

The dim sum menu! If you order before 11am, all the sizes of dim sum are $2.75 a plate. So of course we got here super early in the morning for our Sunday dim sum.

The tea cup was not the easiest to drink out of but it was interesting trying to figure out how to hold it. Mmm Jasmine tea.

Har gow (shrimp dumplings) and steamed rice with chicken and compoy (beef and mushroom with rice and all steamed in a lotus leaf)
The har gow was ok, nothing particularly unique about it. I found that the wrapping was too weak, the shrimp filling fell through the wrapping when I tried to grab one for my plate. 
The steamed rice was good - it's always very filling. 

Crispy shrimp rolls with sweet and sour sauce
They were light and crispy and I loved the tangy sauce. Very nice.

Minced pork siu mai with shrimp
Apparently their siu mai is very popular and after trying it, I found that I loved the fake crab meat on top of the siu mai, but I didn't feel that they made the siu mai very unique or different. I wasn't astounded by the flavour or anything and couldn't figure out why it was so popular, I actually thought it was almost tasteless.

Steamed rice crepe with bbq pork at the top left. 
Double boiled fresh milk souffle at top right and Egg tarts.
The rice crepe was quite good and I really enjoyed it. I didn't like the souffle - I thought it was a puff pastry with egg whites and while I usually love puff pastry, I didn't enjoy this. The egg tarts weren't very good because they were flavourless.

Pan fried vegetables in tofu crepe
This dish was bland; I think it was because the tofu skin was too crispy and didn't soak in the flavour from the mushrooms and other vegetables inside. 

Vegetable tempura
Oyster mushrooms were way too salty with the seasoning, but the squash tempura was nicely done. The broccoli was ok too even though the brocoli inside was fully cooked and I found the batter to be light and crispy which was a nice touch. 

Baked lychee chicken salad rolls on the left and grilled dumplings with shrimps, pork and vegetable on the right. 
The dumplings lacked flavour and I thought that there was too much meat relative to the actual dumpling (not very proportioned or well-balanced). For the other dish, I love lychee and I love chicken - but this was (a) a terrible combination and (b) not very good. 

Shredded turnip and parma ham puff
We found that the shell was much too hard and we had to crack it open in order to get at the turnip inside which turned out to be ok - but we weren't fans of this at all. 

Chilled mango pudding
Delicious! They redeemed themselves with the mango pudding which had lots of mango flavour and mango chunks!

Conclusion: I think they had decent dim sum - nothing spectacular to make this one of my favourite dim sum places, but it's reasonably priced (before 11 am) and the service is fast (even if they occasionally mix up orders). They must be doing something right because it's packed on the weekends. 

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