Saturday, 20 February 2016

Starving Artist

My friend and I were in the St. Clair West area on a Saturday and we decided to go for brunch.  After seeing the super long line up at Emma's Country Kitchen, we walked down the street to explore the area and found the Starving Artist: 

I love this decor!

So many waffle options! We decided to go one savoury waffle and one sweet waffle to get the best of both worlds. 

Sammy Benny with smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce with a side of potato salad and a mixed greens salad
These were so cute! And quite delicious! The hollandaise sauce was great and I loved the smoked salmon and poached egg combination on the 2 mini waffles.  The potato salad and mixed greens were good as well.

Split this! with waffles, bananas, strawberries and chocolate, caramel & strawberry syrup with whipped cream. 
I don't think we ever pictured this when we ordered it. They classified this waffle as an "after waffle", but if we could split the Sammy Benny - I thought this would be about the same size.  It was like the most overindulgent waffle ever with a ton of whipped cream, 4 fluffy waffles and bananas and strawberries thrown into the mix. So good! I was in waffle heaven. 

Overall: Great waffle place and fun brunch place! I would definitely come back here for waffles again.  The savoury and sweet options were fantastic and the service was fast. 

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