Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Blackbird Baking Co.

When my favourite restaurants/cafes/take-out places close, I always regret that I didn't get an extra chance to savour and enjoy my favourite food before it was too late.
So after hearing that Clafouti closed, I went on a search to re-find a new favourite tart place in Toronto.  My search on Yelp led me to Kensington's Blackbird Baking Co. 
Apple Tart
I was hoping for a pear-almond tart or something along those lines, but I was kinda happy that this tart resembled the Clafouti tarts.  I loved the crust - that cookie crust is my favourite pie crust.  However, the Isimple and straightforward apple tart fell a little flat for me - it just didn't excite my tastebuds the same way Clafouti's tarts used to.
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
It sounds pretty interesting - it ended up being rather dry.  The chocolate hazelnut flavours were there and I liked the whole hazelnuts included in the cake, but it just wasn't moist enough.

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