Friday, 1 April 2016

California Sandwiches

My coworkers and I were considering ordering lunch through UberEats, when we stumbled upon California Sandwiches as one of our options and it was at Yonge and College (which is pretty close to our office).  We decided to go out and try it.
A mini chicken and eggplant sandwich
One of my coworkers highly recommended this - so we gave it a try and it was pretty good! The sauce was tasty and the chicken and eggplant were both nicely breaded and so yummy with all the tomato sauce.  It probably would've been even better with cheese! 

The tiramisu was good, but I think it was missing the butterfingers and a bit more of the coffee liqueur flavour - it was pretty heavy on the mascarpone cheese instead and felt a little too fluffy and light for a tiramisu. 

Overall: Great sandwiches! The mini was actually filling, so it was pretty good value for money. The lineup was pretty long inside the restaurant - a testament to how popular it is! 


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