Sunday, 24 April 2016

Food at Coachella Music Festival 2016 - Indio

Welcome to Coachella! 

Day 1
After picking up some merchandise and dropping it off at our lockers, our next order of business was food! Luckily, I was at Coachella with some veterans, so they knew to head to the beer gardens (for ages 21+) for the good food options! And sure enough, Sumo Dog had a booth at the Beer Barn (on the way to the Do Lab). 

Sumo Dog! A huge foot-long hotdog with spicy mayo, seaweed, chili and cheese
Top: Coachella Dog; bottom: Sumo Dog
These Japanese-inspired hot dogs were really fun and different. A fun and playful take on the traditional hot dog.

We wandered around and saw some fantastic sets, but the heat was really getting to us. So when we saw the Afters Ice Cream stall between the Sahara and Mojave tents - we decided to stop by for a well-deserved treat!
Milky bun with cookie monster ice cream and fruity pebbles
The milky bun was like a really good soft and glazed donut with blue ice cream sandwiched in between and crispy & colourful fruity pebbles to add some texture.  I don't know if it was because it was so hot out or if the sugary cereal and bun overpowered the ice cream, but it almost tasted like the cookie monster ice cream had no flavour.

Around 3-5pm was actually when the heat was the worst and we went to take shelter in the food area between the Gobi and Outdoor stage.

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese
Funnily enough, I wasn't super hungry, but I was really tempted by the mac and cheese in a cup - so I decided to try something a little different and get the pulled pork mac and cheese.  Contrary to my expectations, the bbq sauce and pulled pork were just kind of scooped on top of the mac & cheese cup rather than being mixed into the pasta.  The pulled pork was good, but the mac and cheese was a little too dried out around the edges.

Fried Chicken and fries
The chicken looked a little overdone on the outside, but the meat inside was still juicy.

Huge portion of rice mixed with pork, veggies and spices.  It wasn't particularly good, some parts of it was burnt and rather strong.

Day 2
We went to the other beer garden on the other side of the Yuma tent (near the Cupcake Vineyards) for a late lunch/early dinner and got a whole bunch of lobster items! 
Lobster Rolls, Lobster Tacos and Lobster Mac & Cheese
The mac & cheese was a lot better than the place the day before - the pasta was actually really creamy and they kind of just threw some lobster on top (which was still yummy). The lobster rolls were on the expensive side, but still really good! The tacos had a nice tangy taste and were a lighter alternative to the mac & cheese and rolls.

20160423_172321 Monster fries with pulled pork and coleslaw
A huge dish of fries (good thing we were splitting them), but rather mediocre overall since the fries were on the slightly soggy and burnt side (not really fresh). They also had a lot of coleslaw and pulled pork - but not enough sauce. 

Day 3
We went back to the Beer Barn for lunch. 
Garlic Noodles with Chicken
Really yummy with some nicely seasoned and tender chicken - I loved the contrast of the fresh cucumber and sour daikon with the noodles.
Crab Fries
These were loaded with mayo and sprinkled with crab - I mooched some fries rather than place my own order especially since it was so hot out (I was a little worried about the heat spoiling the food)

Blueberry Lemon Popsicle
Cooled down with one of these in between sets - more blueberry than Lemon and it was interesting to see that they marketed it as a Prince tribute (in remembrance of his song Purple Rain).

Personal Pepperoni pizza
We just grabbed whatever was closest to the Coachella (Main) Stage so that we could get a good view.  It was okay - basically sustenance so that we could party late into the night.

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