Monday, 25 April 2016

Monsieur Benjamin - San Francisco (SF)

We caught the 6pm flight from LA to San Francisco on Virgin Airlines (which was pretty cool! they had a really interesting safety video that actually kept me watching until the end).  Once we dropped off our stuff, we went back out for dinner. 


Steak Tartare with Flatbread
A rather interesting presentation. I'm surprised they didn't break the huge flatbread into smaller dip-able pieces. 

Escargot Bordelaise
The garlic butter sauce was so yummy! The dish was rich, delicious and went down so smoothly. 

Steamed Mussels
Could definitely taste that hint of beer in the sauce and the bread was great for soaking up the flavour as well. 

Marrow Bones "Blue Ribbon"
Rich, decadent and quite tasty! 

20160425_230633 20160425_230659
Crêpe façon gâteau: Lime cream, crepe and strawberries 
At first, it seemed like a strange combination (but I love limes - so I knew I wanted to get this).  The combination of flavours worked out well! The tangy lime and sweet strawberries were wrapped in a crispy crepe with crunchy bits inside.  Every bite was different and had all the flavours bursting in each spoonful. 

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