Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Taquerias El Farolito - SF

San Franscisco - Oakland Bay Bridge at night


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Apparently they have some of the best burritos here - so we went for dinner/late night eats.
While we were sitting here enjoying our food, we were also entertained with 'La Bamba' by this lovely musician:
Pretty awesome!

Carnitas burrito
The carnitas was okay, but I felt like it needed some more sauce. 
My friends got the Al pastor (marinated pork) which was REALLY GOOD and the beef tongue and it was amazing.  The chicken burrito didn't have a lot of chicken unfortunately and it was a tad dry, but the carne asada was really good.
The other ingredients in the burrito were really good.


Overall: It was excellent value for money considering how much stuff was in the burrito (and it was quite filling) - I think I would recommend the al pastor, carne asada and the beef tongue for meats! :)

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