Monday, 20 June 2016

Kekou Gelato

Even after that Burger's Priest burger, I was craving some dessert and there's so many options in the Queen and Spadina area. One of which was right across the street - Kekou Gelato (famous for it's Asian flavoured gelato). 
Clockwise from top Left: Black Sesame, Hong Kong Milk Tea and Rosewater Pistachio
I'm not a big fan of black sesame but the gelato was really true to the flavour and you could even see the black sesame pieces in the gelato.  The HK milk tea was DELICIOUS! I could eat a 1L tub of it - it was that good. It was perfectly sweetened HK milk tea in gelato form. 
The rosewater pistachio was heavier on the rosewater flavour than pistachio, but it was still pretty nice even if it wasn't the same level of condensed flavour as the HK milk tea or black sesame. 

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