Sunday, 26 June 2016

Myungdong Kalkuksu Noodles & Shabu Shabu

Despite being a restaurant that advertises Noodles & Shabu Shabu in their name, interestingly enough, it's their dumplings that keep me coming back for more.

The myeongdong dumplings
The dumplings are gigantic and really yummy! They have the perfect combination of thin wrapper, lots of tasty meat and veggies and they've trapped all this flavourful soup inside when they're steamed.

Shabu Shabu for 2 people with kimchi, a citrusy dressing salad, and some sauces (soy sauce with lemon, peanut sauce and hot sauce)

The non-spicy soup base
It also had some sweet potatoes inside.

Leafy greens including napa cabbage and bok choy, rice cakes, mushrooms and beef
All very fresh and yummy after being cooked in the broth.  The rice cakes were pretty interesting - they had stuff inside (sweet potato in the yellow one and yam in the purple one) and it was like a surprise with each bite. The beef was pretty good. 

Overall: Good shabu shabu experience, but I would still say that the number one draw to the restaurant is those delicious and huge dumplings. It can also get super busy, so be prepared to wait in line (even though the service is usually pretty fast). 
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