Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tinto Bar de Tapas

I bought Tinto's Groupon after my Bar Isabel Spanish Tapas experience. I was excited since it would be a lot cheaper for two people with the set price at $89. The Groupon advertised a 4 course tapas meal with wine. When we got there, we were told that it was 2 hot tapas, 2 cold tapas, a platter and two desserts. 

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Roja ceviche 
The red ceviche was piqant and flavourful - a good start to the meal. 

The platter was okay, but it was definitely a tiny portion with very petite bite-sizes for each item. It also felt like the sauces took up more space on the charcuterie board than the actual meats or queso. 

Chicken leg with kale salad
Two chicken legs for $14 regular price? I kinda couldn't believe it. The dish was also rather salty. 

Chicken leg and Oysters. 
The sauces were really good, but the oysters were a little tiny.

I found the skin was a little too doughy, but it was tasty inside.

After seeing the portions of the tapas, we knew we had to get more food, so we ordered the $21 paella hoping that it could help fill us up. 
It looked really pretty - but again, it was a very tiny portion and super salty with the seafood and the rice. The paella dish had a nice crispy crust with the rice, but the rest of it was a miss with the mussels were completely dried out and seafood over-salted. It was my first time having paella with ribs in it, but the ribs were too dry. I wouldn't order this again (especially not with that price tag).

Torta and Creme Catalan
The creme catalan was different from how I remembered creme Catalan tasting in Spain, it was more like creme brulee. The torta was also a little strange since one of the layers was really hard (making it difficult to eat). 

Overall: The service was good, but the food was a miss for me (especially after eating at Bar Isabel).  The portions were really tiny and most things were really salty. 

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