Sunday, 16 July 2017

Granite Brewery

Another Summerlicious adventure!
*Items in red are what I would order again*

Soup of the Day (Vegetable) and Bruschetta
The soup portion was pretty big, but it was on the watery side. The bruschetta was interesting - it had avocado spread on the toast and then the bruschetta toppings on top. 

It was a big portion, but it looked a little strange (like a gigantic beef patty or something). It tasted okay with the mushroom gravy and the vegetables. 

Cake and a tiramisu
The portions were big, but they weren't particularly tasty - the strengths of this restaurant aren't really in the desserts. 

Overall: The Summerlicious was kind of mediocre. The brunch table looked pretty good thought and there were a lot of people were eating from the buffet - so I might come back for that. 

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