Saturday, 8 July 2017

Pho Vietnamese Delight

Grabbing dinner with friends can go two ways: either everyone gets their own thing or the group decides to go in for the set dinner since there's strength (and lots of stomach space) in numbers!
We got Combo D for 3 people

Stir Fry Choy with garlic

Lemongrass pork chop and Assorted appetizer platter with skewers and spring rolls
The lemongrass pork chop was quite a big portion for three people to share (which is great!). The pork was good, but it didn't really have a strong lemongrass flavour.  The skewers were really yummy as was the fried spring roll (Viet spring rolls are the best). I wasn't a fan of the rice roll (mostly because I don't really like rice paper).

Ketchup with Brisket Noodle in Soup
The ketchup part threw us off, but it was basically like a sweet tomato broth with beef brisket and tendon. It was a little odd tasting at first, but still okay.

Malaysia Curry Chicken
The chicken was okay - the curry sauce wasn't spicy or anything and it was kind of flavourful. I'm not sure I'd order this again though. 

Overall: Service was decent and we got a lot of food from Combo D - I thought it was pretty decent value for money (but nothing was exceptionally good or anything). 

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