Friday, 25 August 2017

Bang Bang Ice Cream

This is one of the go-to ice cream and bakery stores in Toronto. It's super popular (as evidenced by the long lineups outside on Ossington). 

The menu and counter
Everything Cookie
Chocolate, pretzel, oatmeal and peanut butter - yum! 

Their super popular Totaro ice cream (ube flavour) and lychee raspberry in a Hong Kong Egg Waffle cone. 

The Totaro ice cream was delicious! It had great ube flavour and it was this gorgeous purple colour! The lychee raspberry was really nice too, but I liked the stronger ube flavour more. The egg waffle was good, but it was a tad overdone and on the crispier side (I like my egg waffles fluffy and light with a little bit of a crispy crunch rather than all crunch). 

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