Thursday, 17 August 2017


I've wanted to try Japango's lunch for years now! I heard great things about their lunch specials and how delicious their sushi was. I finally got the chance to meet up with a friend here for lunch. 

Sashimi bento $16
Those are some big pieces of sashimi! The fish was fresh and yummy. I was a little disappointed by the small portions of side dishes (the pickled radish and carrots, green beans and seaweed salad were rather sad). It was all very nicely presented on the box. 

Japango roll $14
Torched fish on top of the roll and a very nicely wrapped sushi roll. It was really good with the sauce and roe on top.

Overall: Delicious sushi at Japango, but it's definitely on the expensive side. The restaurant is pretty tiny, so there's usually a lineup outside at lunch (since it's much cheaper than dinner). The service is pretty quick though, so you will definitely finish your lunch before the lunch hour is up.

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