Saturday, 21 November 2015

Zet's Restaurant

November 21, 2015
Zet's went through a bit of re-branding and changed their colours! The theme is now black and gold. 

We decided to try some other stuff on their menu (since we usually get the burgers). 
Chicken Souvlaki Dinner
It was a huge portion for $15! The grilled chicken breast was super juicy and delicious and together with their spreadable tzatziki sauce - it was fantastic.  The salad was really fresh too with lots of feta and the potatoes and rice were great compliments to the whole meal. So good! 

November 22, 2014
Finally! I've been meaning to come back to Zet's for years! (1) Because whenever I talk about burgers, I somehow always bring up Zet's and (2) They have amazing burgers and they make it even better with their tzatziki sauce. The problem? They're in Mississauga near the airport which is pretty far for me. Despite all my trips, I'm always in too much of a rush to and from the airport to actually swing by Zet's and grab a meal.
8oz homeburger
8oz Homeburger
The classic! A huge burger patty with fresh ingredients and a butter and toasted bun. And of course I got the Tzatziki sauce which just made it so much better! It's still as good as I remember! The prices went up a bit, but the portions are the same gigantic size.

Banquet burger with cheese and bacon
Banquet Burger with cheese and bacon

October 23, 2011
(Photo courtesy of Google Streetview)

I LOVE Zet's!! It's a super far drive for me to get there but it's totally worth the long trip out to Pearson airport for their burgers and chicken souvlaki. They make a great Tzatziki sauce and you can put the sauce on your burger too! (I substitute it for mayonnaise and ketchup in my burger). The portions are HUGE and you really get bang for your buck there. A hamburger (with a 5 oz patty) is $3.80 and a 8 oz Homeburger is $5.50 and they're put on massive toasted buns and garnished just the way you like it (don't forget the Tzatziki sauce!!!). The chicken souvlaki is $13.95 but it's huge! you have a separate plate of salad and these massive overgrown potatoes (double the size of Jimmy the Greek's).

Overall: I definitely recommend this place. It's super convenient if you're ever near the International Center or just near the airport - it's open 24 hours and it's quick service, what more could you ask for???
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