Friday, 16 March 2012

Carole's Cafe Yorkville

Photo of the outside from Google Street View

The inside...the restaurant is kind of tiny - but they make good use of their space!

Pistachio cheesecake
I've been on a bit of a pistachio craze lately (I blame it on my Europe trip - pistachio flavoured stuff was everywhere and now that I'm back in Canada, it's nowhere). So when I saw this opportunity, you bet I jumped on it! My impression of the first bite was: this is really good cheesecake, while my second thought was: I don't really taste the pistachio. The taste is there, but I guess I was expecting it to be stronger than it actually was. There were some pistachio nuts which was a nice touch and I loved the crust of the cheesecake - so I still enjoyed it (I guess I just expected more from the Best Cheesecake place in Toronto).

Dulce de leche and Red velvet cheesecake
The dulce de leche was nice, maybe a bit too sweet for my taste. On the other hand, the red velvet was definitely something I would order again - Amazing! Usually red velvet cakes are pretty sweet by themselves, but I thought the cheesecake (instead of cream cheese icing) actually mellowed out the taste and made it richer and smoother. Delicious little bites of rich velvet cake + smooth creamy cheesecake = Heaven

Taffy apple cheesecake
This was really good! The combination of the sticky sweet taffy apple chunks, mild delectable cheesecake and the crunchy crust make this an absolute delight to eat. 

Overall: The cheesecakes are really delicious here (and it's no wonder since the place is located in the heart of Yorkville - they've got to meet top notch standards). The service can be slow sometimes (we waited 15 minutes for our bill), but it's a great place to chill, relax and catch up with friends over a slice of cake. 

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