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Prairie Girl Bakery

August 2, 2012
Prairie Girl Bakery is a quick 5 minute walk away from the heart of the Financial District in Downtown Toronto. (a.k.a, a perfect snack break)
The menu is relatively simple; they stick to the core classic flavours and add a new spin on other flavours like Peanut Butter and Jam and Salted Caramel (this week). 

Package of 6 minis goes for $9.95

Salted Caramel
The cupcake was moist, but a little bit sticky to eat. The ideal bite size snack.
The icing was sweet and decadent and stayed true to the salted caramel flavour. Proportion wise, the buttercream icing was heavier than the cupcake. But that's great news for icing fans! 

Joe Prairie's Red Velvet Cupcake with Chocolate Cream Cheese icing and a swirl of Vanilla icing. 
I didn't really taste the cream cheese icing in the chocolate, rather I thought it was chocolate buttercream icing with a swirl of cream cheese icing on top. It was a really sweet combination.

Overall: Prairie Girl Cupcakes are perfect sized morsels of sweetness. Their menu has simple classic cupcake flavours and they're done well. 

August 20, 2012
Another cupcake run
From the top left: Hazelnut, Root beer float, Chocolate Strawberry, Vanilla Lemon, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Chocolate Peanut Butter. 

My favourite cupcake was the Root Beer float cupcake because it was so different, interesting and delicious! It was exactly how root beer and vanilla ice cream would taste like and in cupcake form - it really doesn't get any better than that. 
I also enjoyed the real strawberry icing on the chocolate strawberry cupcake and the Vanilla lemon was a delicious blend of tangy sweetness (not sour at all). 
I wasn't as big a fan of the Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Chocolate Peanut Butter or Hazelnut. The cream cheese icing on the red velvet was nice, but not particularly outstanding; the chocolate peanut butter icing was smooth and creamy like peanut butter (but I wasn't a fan of that combination - except maybe for Reeses Peanut Butter cups) and the Hazelnut was relatively plain and simple compared to the other flavours. 

June 13, 2013

I love pistachios in desserts (try searching my blog for "pistachio", there's a ton of results). 
So I couldn't wait for Prairie Girl Bakery's featured flavour to be pistachio. Yay!
Black Forest and Pistachio mini cupcakes in the box
Black Forest and Pistachio Mini cupcakes

Black Forest and Pistachio mini cupcakes
The pistachio was really good! Vanilla cupcake base with pistachio buttercream and topped with two small pistachio nuts. It had the rich nutty flavour in sugar form - delicious! 
The black forest was a chocolate based cake with cherry and vanilla icing topped with chocolate sprinkles. It was okay overall.

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