Thursday, 27 December 2012

Big Fat Burrito

It's been a while since I've craved a burrito (the last time being at Burrito Bandidos). I decided to give another burrito place a try and made my way to Big Fat Burrito after seeing the positive reviews on Blogto.

Ouch - is it just me or did burritos get expensive?

Steak Burrito
First up, I wasn't impressed by the size...I might have had higher expectations from the Blogto post. However, I found that this burrito wasn't particularly big or fat (the wrapper is kind of deceiving). I thought Burrito Bandidos or even Chipotle did a better job stuffing their burritos than Big Fat Burrito. They do give you all the toppings for free: refried beans, Mexican rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole, Green pepper and burrito sauce (jalapenos and hot sauce if you like spicy). If you're paying almost $9 and expecting a full meal - this might not be the place. There wasn't a lot of steak in the burrito either; it seemed like there was a lot of rice and beans which made the burrito super bland (not enough sauce either).

I thought it was nice that they had a pulled pork option.

I barely saw the pork and I didn't really get the flavour from it. This one had more tortilla in it than anything else.

Yam burrito
Definitely got the smushy yam in this burrito (finally a recognizable stuffing!) but still bland tasting.

Overall: I wasn't impressed - these definitely did not live up to the "Big Fat Burrito" name, rather they were small sized, expensive and bland burritos. I'd much rather go to Burrito Bandidos.

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