Thursday, 20 December 2012

Caldense Bakery

 A Portuguese bakery in the Dundas West area:

It had an interesting selection of desserts and food. They didn't have tags for the desserts, so we had to ask the people behind the counter. Luckily, the ladies were patient in describing the desserts to us and helping us choose our desserts.

Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Tart) $1.20 and Jesuíta (The triangular dessert at the bottom) $1.95
Alongside a thick hot chocolate and pear nectar juice
The pastel de nata had a flimsy flaky crust and the custard was like a slightly sweetened but bland pudding. We weren't very impressed. The Jesuíta was a lot of flaky pastry with a crunchy top layer, we found it hard to eat since it kept crumbling and we could barely taste the filling of almond, egg cream and custard. 

Overall: This was our first time in a Portuguese bakery, but we didn't really like the desserts we were served.

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