Sunday, 16 December 2012

Da Fu Seafood Cuisine

We were looking to try another Chinese restaurant other than Maple Yip and my aunt suggested Da Fu Seafood Cuisine.
IMAG1891 IMAG1892
The first thing that stuck me was that there were so many big tables for larger parties. I only saw 5-6 tables for smaller parties (4 people and under) and the rest of the restaurant was large tables. It made me wonder if the restaurant primarily catered to larger groups.
Fish Sauce Chicken
It was done very well - the portion was a little small in serving 8-10 people.
Wine sauce spareribs with taro
The sauce was sticky and sweet. Definitely different from any Chinese restaurant dish I've ever had.
Crispy chicken
I loved this! You get the moist tender chicken with the crunchy skin and crispy fried peanuts on top. It was a nice harmony of textures. Delicious!
Top: Beef and choy sum; Bottom: Sweet and sour pork
The choy stalks were crisp, but the leaves were soggy. The beef was nicely done.
I usually really like sweet and sour pork since it's such a great combination of flavours from the tart sweetness of the pineapples and peppers and the sourness of the sauce. I didn't like the pork though - it felt like there was more fat and air in the battered pork than there was actual meat.
Salt and Pepper Pork chops
The chilis are what make this dish so spicy, but if you take those off - it's not that bad. It's definitely more heat than I can handle, but the crunchy pork chop is so tempting.

Fried grouper and tofu
The sauce was a little bland, but the soft grouper and tofu pockets made up for it.
Three kinds of Seafood with sweet peas and celery
Despite the crunchy toasted peanuts, it was a little bland and kind of oily (as evident from the sheen of things).
Peking Duck
I LOVE Peking duck and I was actually kind of relieved to go back to the North American version of the dish that I grew up with using hoisin sauce and meaty chunks of duck with the skin (instead of the long strips of duck ersion in Beijing).
IMAG1901  IMAG1903
I was still a disaster at wrapping the duck (picutre on left), but my brother did a pro version using the lessons we learned at Quanjude Restaurant in Beijing (picture on right).
The rest of the Peking Duck
The duck was so succulent and tasty. I was really impressed by the rest of the duck - it held the flavour so well.

Overall: Great for large party dinners! The whole meal was reasonably priced for 8-10 people and there was a lot of food. The food may not have been as delicious as Maple Yip's, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. 
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