Tuesday, 11 December 2012

STACK Restaurant

Uptown Toronto has their own smokehouse restaurant in Stack located in the Yonge and Lawrence area.

When I think Southern smokehouses: the words that come to mind are gritty, a little rough around the edges and strong character (I've obviously stereotyping and thinking of Lou Dawgs), but Stack was a nice surprise. 
The place was classy, clean and nice.

Service was pretty slow and when our waiter came around, he mentioned that they sold out of the pulled pork and the smoked meat for the day (disaster!). We mentioned that we were interested in the Ultimate platter, and he said they would try to accommodate us by letting us doubling up on other items. 

The Ultimate Platter $64
We got an extra half rack of the Chipotle Jack Daniels back ribs and an order of the smoked turkey to compensate for the lack of smoked meat and pulled pork. On top of that, we got 1/4 of the pepper sauce chicken, Memphis mild beef brisket, mac and cheese, molasses baked beans, coleslaw, mini buns and a mountain of fries.
The back ribs were delicious! Tons of meat falling off the bone and the sauce was so flavourful with a hint of heat. The brisket had a nice flavour and the Memphis mild sauce was so good that we ordered some extra sauce for the french fries. The pepper chicken was moist, but the main flavouring came from the sauce brushed on the skin and if you missed out on the chicken skin, then you were out of luck. The turkey was nice and simple - I wish it came with some kind of sauce, because everything was so full of flavour that the turkey almost got overlooked in the platter.
The mac and cheese was really nice, the beans were more salty than sweet and the mountain of fries were a trial for our group. It was a lot of eating...and who can forget dessert?

Donuts! $7 for 16 donuts

S'mores     and      Oreo
After seeing this on the website, we knew we had to save enough room to try the donuts!
The s'mores donuts were amazing! The melty marshmellows with the crumbled graham crackers and chocolate sauce were the perfect combination with the 'fresh from the oven' vanilla glazed donuts.
The oreo ones were nice, but it just couldn't compare to the s'mores.
Strawberry donuts      and    a lone S'mores donut
A strawberry donut
The strawberry sauce was made with chunks of strawberry (possibly strawberry puree or jam?) It was a nice change from all the chocolate of the oreo and s'mores. A nice delicious way to end the meal!

Overall: Great smokehouse, all the meats we tried were flavourful and tender. Unfortunately, we missed out on their two big sellers: pulled pork and smoked meats, but we'll have to come back for that and maybe another order of the s'mores donuts.

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