Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bubble Republic

Apparently this is the bubble tea place to be in Mississauga. 

Kiwi GT, Passionfruit BT, Mango chiller
Right to left: Kiwi Green Tea (no ice), Passionfruit tea and Mango Slushie
The Saturday daily special was the large kiwi green tea for $3.29. Pretty reasonable and it was in a gigantic pint glass. The tea was really sweet - probably not something I'd order again. 
Then I tried the passionfruit tea and found it really sweet as well. I wonder if that's a trend here...

Spicy fried chicken and Caramel Pudding Milk tea
Caramel Pudding Milk Tea and spicy Taiwanese popcorn chicken
Despite being advertised as spicy, the popcorn chicken were not spicy...they were spiced. 
A nice tidbit size made it easier to munch on them slowly while playing card games...

Green apple soda
Green apple soda
One word: fizzy.

Overall: The bubble teas were too sweet in my opinion (and this coming from the girl who has a huge dessert sweet tooth). It's nice that they let you play card games here at least...

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