Monday, 10 June 2013

Golden Horse Restaurant

For a rather hidden away location on Highway 7, Golden Horse Restaurant is a pretty popular restaurant. 
\Golden Horse restaurant  Outside Golden Horse Restaurant
The restaurant is actually bigger inside than it appears outside and weekend lunches are busy. 
Afternoon Tea menu Lunch Menu
The Afternoon Tea menu
Fried spaghetti with garlic and bacon
Fried spaghetti with garlic and bacon
It tasted like Chinese chow mein with spaghetti instead of egg noodles or noodles. The portion size was a little small but it was tasty. I think they added a bit of msg because my mouth felt really dry after eating it.

Pork Cutlet bun
Crispy Pork Cutlet on bun
There's a reason why a lot of people ordered this pork cutlet bun.
The pork cutlet had a nice crispy crust and it was topped with mayo, relish, cheese, tomato and lettuce. Similar to a Big Mac burger at McDonalds, but a healthier and fresher version.

Pork Cutlet bun

Chicken leg with Fries
Deep Fried Chicken Leg with Fries
Hefty portion: the chicken leg was gigantic (definitely way bigger than you could get at a KFC or Popeye's chicken). There was a lot of white meat, which is nice and the skin was super crispy. The fries were okay.

Overall: A mediocre meal - at least it was cheap and fast. Certain items are good like the pork cutlet bun, but others weren't.

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