Saturday, 8 June 2013


L'unità is a nice intimate restaurant located a little north of Yorkville near Avenue and Davenport. 
We were seated at a gorgeous polished wood table: 
Bread and Olive Oil
The complimentary bread and olive oil
The bread was deliciously soft and so tasty with baked in tomatoes and cheese. The olive oil was fantastic with the bread.

Don Roberto Pizza
Don Roberto pizza: lamb sausage, potato, fior di latte & dandelion
The pizza had a nice authentic crust and the combination of the thinly sliced potato, cooked chunks of lamb sausage and dandelion made for a good combination. 

squid ink troccoli 'al nero'
Squid ink troccoli 'al nero' with gulf prawns, calamari, capers & preserved lemon
I actually found this dish quite salty with the squid ink pasta, capers and salted seafood. I guess squid ink pasta is always salty because I found it salty in Venice too. 

margherita D.O.P
Margherita D.O.P.
Interesting fact: D.O.P. stands for "denominazione di origine protetta" and it is a trademark of legal protection for the foods whose characterisitcs depend primarily or exclusively from the territory in which they were produced. (credit goes to Wikipedia)The pizza was quite cheesy with the fior di latte mozzarella cheese. It was okay, but I think I prefer Pizza Libretto's margherita pizza. 

spring rabbit gnocchi
Spring Rabbit Gnocchi with wild boar pancetta, sweet peas & creme fraiche 
The dish was so tasty - the gnocchi were soft and delectable morsels and it was paired with the most delicious and tender rabbit with lots of flavour. Yum! I totally recommend this dish.

quattro stagioni
Quattro Stagioni pizza with tomato, fior di latte, fiddleheads, green olives, wild mushrooms & house peameal bacon
I was expecting all those toppings to be evenly spread out on the pizza, instead each quarter of the pizza had a different topping. A cute presentation (quattro stagioni means four seasons). I'm not a fan of fiddleheads - they're bitter, but the rest of the pizza was okay. 

Overall: I had a good experience at L'unità: the service was great, the restaurant was lovely and intimate and the food was good. 

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