Monday, 3 February 2014

Toronto's La Poutine Week

I'm so glad they decided to celebrate the awesomeness of poutine for an entire week in Toronto! 
I was so ready to hit up as many places as I could for poutine week. 

My first stop was 
The Carbon Bar
The Carbon Bar   Interior of Carbon Bar
It's a really nice place inside - ambiance is pretty great. 
Oak wood Smoked Pulled Pork NY Butt, Pork Gravy topped with Quebec Cheese curds
Wow - they served the poutine in a cute little pan with tongs on the side. 
Despite the loads of cheese on top, it couldn't hide the fact that it was a shallow pan of fries making it a really tiny portion for $10. Also, it was rather on the salty side; it would have been nice if they had a less salty gravy to balance out the salty fries and cheese. 

Next was the
 Triple A Bar
Triple A  Menu
Totally different environment - It was a typical country bar (all I needed were jeans and cowboy boots to fit in).
Unfortunately, they had some issues with the fryer that night so we were warned by our server before hand that the food might take a while. We decided to wait for our poutine since we were celebrating poutine week and all that. A long while later...we got our meal and then our poutine.
Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffles
Sweet sauce on top of a chicken drumstick and chicken thigh on top of square cut waffles. 
It was okay - I had better chicken and waffles in Edmonton. The syrup was sweet, but nothing really special and the waffles were a little soggy rather than crisp on the outside and chewy inside. 

Hand-cut Fries smothered in real Cheese Curds, Gravy and topped with Texas style Smoked Brisket
I have two words: Salt Overload. Ouch - this was brutal to eat. The meat was barely there and the salty fries were just swimming in oversalted gravy. It might have been made worse with our sugary chicken and waffles, but this was really just too much. 

Overall: Given my experiences with the two restaurants I tried for La Poutine Week, I called off the poutine-fest. I think I'll stick to one poutine place every 3 days next year (so I have time to recover from the salt overdose) rather than attempt 2 a day.

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