Thursday, 20 March 2014

Macaron Day in Toronto

This year was the first time I actually got to participate in Macaron Day! I think Toronto's Macaron Day started two years ago (that or I only started noticing it two years ago). Unfortunately, I was always either out of town or nowhere near any of the patisserie locations. 
So I tried to make up for it by hitting up two different places: 

Petite Thuet
Right: Chocolate Caramel macaron and Lemon macaron
Petite Thuet had a sign at the front of the store indicating that the macaron proceeds were to going to the Red Door Family Shelter, which I thought was a nice way to raise awareness of the cause that Macaron Day was supporting. However, they also put a note saying that there is a $2 donation for each macaron (so instead of free macarons, you have to pay).  I guess you save 50 cents since each macaron is usually $2.50 *sarcastic yay*.

First up: Lemon macaron
The lemon macaron was really pretty covered in yellow sugar crystals and it was nice, soft and quite sizable. However, it was a little mushy inside because of the lemon curd. Still, it was a decent macaron.

Next: Chocolate caramel 
It was awful! Not only was it super hard to bite into (like rock solid day-old meringue), but the caramel was super sweet. I can't believe I paid $2 for this! I was pretty upset.

(please excuse the bite marks...I couldn't get a picture of how hard it was to cut/bite into this thing otherwise)

Yay! A free raspberry macaron. I'm getting into Macaron Day now...

It looks nice enough at first glance, then when I bit into it, I was a little disturbed by the neon pink inside. The top of the feet were crumbly, but it was soft inside. The buttercream was sweet, but not particularly flavourful. 

As a size comparison: 
Trust me, the angle wasn't bad. The Petite Thuet macarons were pretty big.

I guess the search for decent macarons in Toronto continues...


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