Friday, 14 March 2014

Dobri Jesti Food Truck

A schnitzel food truck! I love schnitzel, so when the truck was in town - I made sure to stop by:
Schnitzel Dilla with arugula, lettuce and garlic dill aioli sandwiched between two big slices of Bavarian rye bread $10

A little more up close and personal with my schnitzel sandwich...
I really loved the garlic dill aioli sauce! The schnitzel was a little dry without the aioli and it made the sandwich much tastier. The lettuce and arugula were fresh, but I don't think they added anything interesting to the sandwich. I did love the bread though - it was so good! 

Overall: A good food truck and the portions are quite big (you get one gigantic piece of schnitzel cut into two for the sandwich). However, I still prefer Schnitzel Queen.

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