Saturday, 3 May 2014

Congee Queen

Congee Queen recently opened up a new branch off Highway 7 near the 404. As a grand opening promotion, they offered 10% off your meal - so you can imagine the crowds of people at this point.

Half a Roasted Duck
The duck was really greasy. There was just way too much oil drenching the duck. 

King oyster mushrooms and snow pea sprouts
It was also rather oily. I can't help wondering how much MSG they put into their food because I was parched after the meal.

Stir Fried Green Beans
This was a rather bland tasting dish of stir fried beans; the Maple Yip beans are much better.

Fukien Fried Rice
I've never had Fukien fried rice that I didn't like...until now. It was probably the combination of ingredients: they just didn't work well together which made the fried rice dish rather tasteless. It was strange considering there was shrimp, chicken, beef, Chinese mushrooms, peas and egg - and yet nothing stood out. 

Beef and Broccoli
This dish was one of the better ones at dinner. 

Dried Pollock and Pork Bone Congee
A watery congee and not very good. I would recommend trying the pork bone congee at Keung's Restaurant instead.

Top: Beef stir fry on a sizzling plate and Szechuan eggplant
The eggplant dish had a strong salted fish and vinegar flavour (not very appetizing) and definitely nowhere near the quality of Maple Yip's Szechuan eggplant dish.

Salted fish and diced chicken tofu bowl
Very overpowering salted fish smell and it wasn't balanced out by the chicken or tofu. 

Golden Tofu dessert
Interesting...but nothing delicious. 

Overall: We had a pretty bad experience here. We made reservations in advance and yet still ended up waiting an hour for a table. I completely understood that it was super busy since it's the opening month for the restaurant and they were running this promo.  However, our party kept getting bumped from the list in favour of other groups, which was not acceptable.  Although we got some free dishes to compensate, the food wasn't enjoyable at all. The food came out quick and the service was fast, but it just wasn't enough to give it a good review.

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