Monday, 12 May 2014

Eataly & Madison Square Eats @ Madison Square Park - NYC

It was such a gorgeous day! So we decided to walk down to the Flatiron building and check out Eataly.


 Triple berry gelato
A tangy & sweet icy treat on such a hot day.

 Sour Cherry Gelato
I actually really liked this sour cherry flavour! It was tart and had a hint of that cherry cough syrup flavour. Really yummy!

After we checked out Eataly, we went back outside to the colourful patio umbrella covered area to do some exploring at Madison Square Eats:

Madison Square Eats
 When we saw the Momofuku Milk Bar, we got really excited! One of the things that we wanted to try in New York was the Momofuku Crack Pie and voila! We found it at Madison Square (and saved ourselves a subway trip).


A slice of pie was $5.50
It was really buttery and sweet. I wasn't really expecting all the sugar in the pie. (I actually thought it was an ice cream cake slice or something). It's interesting, but it wasn't really addictive the way I imagined a crack pie would be.  

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