Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lindt Store @ 5th Avenue - NYC

I'm a HUGE fan of Lindt Chocolate. Surprisingly less of a fan in recent years (I think they've changed their ingredients or something because it doesn't have the same addictive quality it used to have). However, if I see a Lindt store, you can guarantee I'm going to make a stop to take a look around.

 OMG! There's so much VARIETY! There's like barely anything in Canada in comparison. 
I love the Caffarel brand, so this was really exciting for me to see more of the Italian chocolate brand. 

 The chocolates are priced by weight. I spent $31 on this bag $36 per kilo (and I grabbed one of everything I thought I would like).
When I went to the counter, the helpful sales associate told me that if I bought $50 worth of chocolate that I would get this bonus pack of Lindt Dessert bars:
So I went back to grab more chocolate. Haha

More of the ones I thought I would enjoy...

$0.50 per Lindor (Strawberries and Cream, Citrus and Salted Caramel - all not available in Canada yet).
I really liked the Strawberries and Cream and Citrus white chocolate Lindor Balls because they were sweet, but not too sweet and I love strawberries and citrus flavours.
 Caffarel does an amazing rich and nutty gianduja chocolate. I could have done without all the pretty wrappings, but the chocolate is fantastic!
Lindt's Fioretto's especially the peach one was delicious! I recommend these chocolates (I should have stocked up on these - even my Grandma loves them).

Other delicious treats:  Caffarel's Gocce di Sole (jelly candies) are SO GOOD! I got one of each: arancia (orange), limone (lemon), lime, pompelo (grapefruit) and mandarino (mandarin orange)

Now on to the rest...I didn't enjoy these chocolates:

Strawberry cheesecake Lindt was awful! It tasted like cheesecake but it went terribly with the chocolat.
The green Lindt chocolate was a gianduja with hazelnut paste and a hazelnut inside, but it was nowhere near the creamy and flavourful texture of the Caffarel brand.
The last chocolate in the picture was a Wildberry yogurt eisdesser with blueberry, raspberry and blackberry over a yogurt cream. After eating this, I don't think yogurt creams should ever be used in a chocolate. 

Eis Dessert Caffee is a white chocolate square with a very strong espresso flavour. I couldn't figure out if I was eating a chocolate or eating a coffee bean

Other chocolates I didn't really like: Lindt Roulettes - the Fondente chocolate felt really thick and heavy and the Latte wasn't really memorable; Lindt Bastoncini - some were okay, but most were not very good; Lindt's Noccionoir & Gianduja boules - it's just not the same deliciousness as Caffarel (Caffarel's my new standard for gianduja).
Chocolates I really detested: Lindt's Milk & Dark Mozartkugein - I thought it would have been okay since it was a praline chocolate with a pistachio marzipan, but the marzipan was just too overwhelming for my tastes (being pistachio didn't save it cause I hate marzipan) and Lindt's Knusper nougat creme and nougat - probably the same situation I thought a crunchy chocolate with nougat would be fine, but I couldn't get over my dislike of nougat.

Overall: So it was a really grab-bag, some chocolates and candies I absolutely loved and couldn't wait to eat more of and there were others that I suffered through.


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