Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill @ Yonge and Front

I'm usually not a fan of Oliver & Bonacini restaurants (I haven't been too impressed with their food in the past and on top of that, they're pricey!). However, the Cafe Grill on Yonge and Front felt like a better and healthier option than Fran's or any downtown Food Court (at the time).
Oliver and Bonacini Cafe & Grill 

Sandwich of the Day: Croque Madame with a mixed greens salad
Ooo grilled ham and cheese! You really can't go wrong with this combination and they used nice cheese with a fresh and bright salad on the side. 

Braised beef short rib gnocchi with Northern Woods mushrooms, tomato, Parmesan crème fraîche $18
Baked pasta! It doesn't really look appealing though. I thought there would be more braised short rib, but it was a mostly mushroom filled dish (I guess they were cutting costs and yet charging exuberant prices). 
The whole dish was okay, but nothing special. The portion was a little small for a $18 pasta dish even if it was a lunch portion.

We tried to redeem the meal with the Chef's platter of desserts
Clockwise from Top Left: Lemon Posset, Famous Carrot Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Toasted marshmallow raspberry brownie
Chef's platter - lemon poppet, carrot cake, brownie, cheesecake
I really enjoyed all the desserts on the plate! It was well worth the money spent. 
The lemon poppet had a nice tangy flavour from the lemon zest and the posset was cool and creamy. The carrot cake was fantastic! I loved the moist texture and cream cheese icing with shaved carrots on top. The cheesecake was rich and creamy and the blueberry sauce was a great complement. My favourite item was definitely the brownie! It doesn't get any better than raspberry and toasted marshmallows on a decadent brownie. Yum! 

Overall: It was a good meal, if on the pricey side and you can be in-and-out within an hour for a quick business lunch. Dessert was definitely worth it.

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