Friday, 9 May 2014

Pie Face - New York City

Greenery and iconic buildings in New York.

I had a craving for pie - so I did some quick Yelping and found Pie Face. 

Cute bag! 

A trio of mini pies: 
Lemon, Chocolate and Apple Crumble
The lemon curd on the pie was thick and gooey, but it wasn't too sweet. Unfortunately, the crumbly shell and hard lemon curd didn't make a good combination either. 
The apple crumble was okay with sweet apple and sultanas. The crumble on top was crunchy and tasty with the cinnamon, but again the pie crust was awful. 
The chocolate tart was yummy! The chocolate mousse was light and fluffy with a rich chocolate flavour. 

Overall: Pie Face has a lot of interesting options, but I wasn't a fan of their sweet pies except for the chocolate pie. 

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