Friday, 9 May 2014

Schnipper's Quality Kitchen - New York City

My original flight into New York City was cancelled due to construction at Newark Airport, but I managed to get on an earlier flight. Unfortunately it ended up delayed 2.5 hours because of the heavy fog. However, I still made it into the City That Never Sleeps! And I immediately started my touristy thing starting at Times Square:
On my way back to the hotel, I passed by Dean & Deluca, but I noticed that there weren't a lot of people (most likely because everything was so expensive). So, I followed the crowd and saw that a lot of people were going to Schnipper's Quality Kitchen. 

Pretty simple menu...but I still had no idea what to order.
So I decided to get something fast to go:

Sloppy Joe $7.50
It wasn't the most attractive Sloppy Joe I've ever had, but it was pretty darn good!
The combination of the soft and soggy egg bun with all the ground beef, tomato and delicious blend of spices was amazing! It was so messy and so worth it.

Overall: Schnipper's was a little pricier for a fast food joint, but the food was simple, classic and delicious! Yum.

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