Friday, 19 September 2014

Chef Jimmy's Bistro and Spirits - Denver Airport

Before I go into my blog entry for Chef Jimmy's Bistro and Spirits in Denver Airport, I just wanted to rant about Air Canada Rouge. 
I had the WORST experience flying Air Canada Rouge, which is Air Canada's low cost carrier. So since they're competing with other airlines to offer no-frills flights, they obviously take away certain things to make things cheaper. Here's the list:
1) The seats are incredibly cramped with a lot less leg room and a smaller seat space.
2) There's no TV screen on the back of the chair in front and instead you have the option to "rent" an Ipad for $10 for inflight entertainment.
3) The next cost cutting measure is no complimentary food.
I would say these are pretty important things to have for any reasonable person to enjoy their flight. I mean come on! Even Westjet and Porter (which are lower cost carriers in Canada) offer more leg space, seat space, inflight entertainment (even just music) and some kind of snack. I feel like they took all the joy out of flying to your destination because now not only are you uncomfortable sitting, but you also don't have anything to distract you from how miserable you feel on the flight (whether it's food or entertainment).

Going back to my story about my flight: halfway through the 8:50am EST direct flight to Las Vegas, the pilot comes on and informs us that one of the engines died and "although it's safe to keep flying, we have to make a detour to Denver". When the plane landed on the runway and stopped, a fire truck immediately came onto the scene on the tarmac and they lifted the bottom cover to the engine. That was when we could see the black smoke billowing out from the engine. So we taxied into the gate and waited for instructions on how to proceed to get to Vegas. It took them half an hour to decide how to proceed and the captain eventually tells us that Air Canada headquarters will be flying another plane from Toronto to pick up all the passengers in Denver and fly them to Vegas, but the plane won't arrive until 5pm MST. At this point, it was already 11:30am MST (around 10:30 PST which was my original arrival time in Vegas) and we finally disembarked into the Denver Airport. As an apologetic gesture, Air Canada gave out $20 meal tickets to all passengers waiting for the next flight, but we all had a lot of time to kill. I checked in with the service desk around 2pm MST and I was told that the plane was delayed and the earliest it would get to Denver was at 7pm MST. I was a little upset at this point since I wasted a day in Denver when I really could have been enjoying the Pool parties in Vegas, but there's nothing I can do.
Ultimately, we ended up flying out at 7pm MST and I arrived in Vegas at 8:30pm PST, but at that point, my early morning direct flight to Vegas turned into a 12-hour disastrous ordeal.

Anyways, onto the food!
Lunch time rush


 Chicken Enchilada Pasta
Grilled chicken with enchilada cream sauce, black beans, corn, tortilla chips, lime, cheese, tomato, fettuccine, cilantro and green onions
I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to choose the most unique item on the menu. You definitely don't see chicken enchilada pasta anywhere.
 I really liked it! The enchilada cream sauce was delicious and the dish was so tasty. I love the big portion of pasta too! The tortilla chips added a good crunchy texture and the tangy lime added some zest to the dish.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake
After the terrible day I had been having, I decided to treat myself to dessert. I was originally planning on going to the Cheesecake Factory in Vegas for lunch today, but since I got stuck in Denver, I got the next best thing - a slice of decadent, sweet and creamy cheesecake. So good!!! I love the graham cracker crust and the cheesecake was divine!

Overall: Great quick service restaurant in Denver Airport! The food was good, hearty and filling and the cheesecake was excellent! 

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