Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kaga by Ginza


We got the tasting menu for 4 people
Miso soup and a mixed greens salad to start

california hand rolls
4 California Hand Rolls
The hand rolls were packed with a lot of stuff: avocado, flying fish roe, fake crab, cucumber and rice. 

Suzuki fish sashimi, salmon, squid and mackerel with egg
Suzuki fish sashimi and other sashimi
This was really beautifully presented and the suzuki was really good! The sashimi was smooth and flavourful and there was also other sashimi like salmon, packed roe with mackerel on top (the first time I've ever tried anything like that) and squid with cucumber. 
surf clam and suzuki fish
Suzuki and surf clam sushi
I find surf clam rather tough in texture and I'm not a big fan, which probably made the suzuki taste even better in comparison since it was delicate and fresh. 

sake clams
Sake Clams
The presentation was interesting - served in a stone bowl with a ramen spoon is definitely different. However, I couldn't say that I particularly enjoyed this dish. I prefer mussels over clams, but the sake broth wasn't particularly strong.  

grilled squid
Grilled Squid
I've been seeing a lot of pictures of this (and I wonder if it's one of their signature dishes). It looked amazing and it tasted pretty good with the sauce. 

Teriyaki Salmon

Assorted Tempura
Eggplant, shrimp, squash and pumpkin. I'm not a big fan of shrimp tempura, but I love vegetable tempura and the tempura sauce. The eggplant was okay, but my favourites are the squash and pumpkin. I like the contrast in texture with the mushy squash inside and crispy fried tempura bits outside.

Grilled Steak
It was nice that they cut it into strips, but I found it a little tough in certain parts. 

fried suzuki
Fried Suzuki Head
They took the platter back after we had the sashimi and fried the fish head. I like that they use all parts of the fish, but I didn't really like the fried fish bones. 

black sesame, mango, green tea and red bean
Black Sesame, Mango, Green Tea and Red Bean ice cream
The waitress told us that the black sesame ice cream was from Japan and I could definitely see it. It was fragrant with the black sesame taste and a little overpowering for me. The red bean and mango were my favourites. 

Overall: The service was really good at Kaga. Our waitress really knew her stuff and she took the time to explain all our dishes and highlight what we were eating and what was good on the menu. It was also my first time having suzuki which is delicious! 

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