Monday, 28 September 2015

Agua Caliente - Peru

The next morning we were up at 3am to go line up at the gate to the trail to Machu Picchu and we waited until the gates opened so we could hike to the Sun Gate. 
From there, we hiked down to Machu Picchu:

Some lazy llamas

After wandering around the ruins for a while, we went to catch the bus down to Agua Caliente (which was a fast winding journey down a steep cliff). 

We went and had two of the local Peruvian specialties here: 
Alpaca steak
It was interesting - rather lean and more of a pork texture than beef texture. Flavour wise it was sweeter than pork. 

The guinea pig didn't have a lot of meat, but it was still pretty tasty (if prepared a little too much like it was grilled on a stick - we could see it's teeth!). It was pretty crispy and greasy and it didn't have all the hair (no furballs for us!) I would say it was kind of like chicken. 

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