Friday, 18 September 2015


For my friend's birthday, she wanted sushi and suggested we eat at Etsu.

Chirashi Bowl
Really colourful and lots of fresh fish in the gigantic bowl. There was a lot of variety in textures and flavours from chewy surf clams to slippery octopus and thick slicks of tuna.

Meanwhile, I decided to get the Dinner Bento box which includes salad and miso soup:

Salmon Teriyaki, butterfish, salmon & tuna sashimi, tempura and crispy fried rice balls (?)
Pretty good! Originally when I chose the salmon it was because I didn't feel like eating a heavy meal with chicken or beef. However, I forgot that there was sashimi on the side - so there was a lot of fish. Luckily it was all really good, I liked the sashimi and I thought the selection was pretty good. 
Definitely a lot of food though - a huge dinner portion. 

Overall: Great Japanese food at Etsu, the service was really good even though we sat outside and there were a lot of big tables inside. Enjoyable and yummy!

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