Friday, 25 September 2015

Inkalicious - Sacred Valley, Peru

We started off our trip to Peru in the Sacred Valley doing a tour (for more info on the tour, check out my travel blog)
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Pisac, Peru
Our tour took us to the Inkalicious Restaurant for the lunch buffet.  Since we started our tour late, we got here near the end of the lunch buffet - so we didn't really have the best selection. 
IMG_6381 IMG_6382
All the food was grown in the Sacred Valley and it was all authentic Peruvian food.

My first course
Quinoa soup at the top which was REALLY GOOD. 
Clockwise from the top left: pork and spaghetti, chicken in sauce, potatoes, chicken, potatoes, rice, trout and the famous Sacred Valley corn - which was rather interesting with it's light colour. It was a little softer than the typical North American corn and it had a distinct flavour. The different varieties of potatoes was the best part - really cool how they all had different textures and tastes.

My second course - more cold dishes than my first course.
Salads and crisps and avocado

Coca tea which helps with altitude sickness
Fruits and avocado covered with a white sauce. The fresh fruit was delicious! Mangoes, pineapples, watermelon and all super ripe and locally grown.  The white dessert kind of tasted chalk-like.

My friend's desserts - which I was too full to try.

Overall: Great buffet! I wish we were able to come here earlier to eat the food when it was fresher, but the restaurant did give us a discount on our buffet. The local specialties and Peruvian cuisine that we had here were great - it really made me look forward to eating more Peruvian food! :) 

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