Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dickens Cafe

Located in an indoor strip mall north of 16th Avenue is Dickens Cafe, a popular Hong-Kong Style cafe. 

Tomato soup, cream (borscht) soup and garlic toast came with our lunch
The cream soup was a little gelatinous and gucky - go with the tomato soup.

Pork chop with gravy sauce on fried rice
It was okay, not the best gravy sauce and the pork chop was okay - the cheese was a strange touch (in my opinion). 
Baked chicken with cheese in tomato sauce with spaghetti
This was pretty good. The baked cheese was good on top and the chicken was boneless and very meaty.  I found the sauce was a little more sour like they used tomato sauce rather than ketchup (which is usually what they use in HK cafes to make the sauce sweeter). 

Portuguese chicken with rice 
The sauce was a little too sweet (too many carrots?). It would have been tastier if they seasoned it with some salt or added something a little saltier rather than sweet (or added a starch like potatoes to mix it up). I'm comparing this to the now-closed Macau Portuguese Food stall (and I will continue to search for something as good as their Portuguese Chicken and Baked Chicken Spaghetti in tomato sauce 😭).

Seafood spaghetti in cream sauce
The cream sauce felt a little one-dimensional and there wasn't any depth to the sauce (or seasoning), but there was a quite a bit of seafood. 
HK Milk tea was good!

Overall: A decent meal and very quick service, but my search for Baked Chicken Spaghetti and Portuguese Chicken will continue...

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